The Pet Photography Project

The Pet Photography Project

You might be wondering why a portrait photographer is writing about photographing pets.  Well, honestly, I believe that pets are equally worthy of loving portraits!  Also, as it turns out, photographing pets isn’t all that much different than photographing people, especially children! You have to get on their level, be ready to capture the moment in a heartbeat, and, most importantly, keep them entertained to bring out their best.

I have had the privilege of supporting a shelter in my area with my photography! I foster puppies and I have done some website work. Check out the images and a few tips for capturing your pup in their best light! These are all pups I have fostered and they have all found homes.

Find an open window and use the light!  This handsome fellow was sitting right in front of a very bright window with light shining through. Right in front of him was his light colored crate.  The light bounced beautifully off the crate right back into his face! 

Get on their level! While it is fun to see all the pictures of pups when photographed from above, I like to get down, sometimes sitting, other times laying down to help the viewer create a real connection! Perspective, after all, can be the key to a magical photo!

Finally, don’t just go for sitting portraits.  Dogs are full of action! Take them out to a park or even your front yard, and let them play! Dogs running, playing or exploring can make for fun candid shots! But you don’t have to leave your home to get in on the action. This is one of two of our fosters being puppies at home! I lovingly called it Ferocious (don’t worry, they are playing)!

Dogs bring us happiness, love and comfort.  Portraits are the perfect way to capture the memories of our furry family members! Next time, I will be back to writing about photographing people (although there may be some travel photos thrown in).

Until next time! And remember, Adopt, Don’t Shop!


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