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Creating Unique Senior Portraits: Photographing Han

Embracing your Edgy Style

Are you looking for unique senior portraits? When you look at other senior pictures, do you see yourself? Sometimes finding the perfect senior picture for you means defining your style, expressing yourself, and showing your edgy side. That was definitely the case for Han. When I met with Han, she wanted her pictures to have a darker edge and reflect her introspective and shy nature. In fact, her first question was, “do I have to smile?” So we set about creating images that would be unique and edgy, just like Han.

Choose Unique Clothing to Reflect You

Creating unique senior portraits can be as easy as choosing clothing to reflect your authentic self

After all, your clothes can really make a statement about who you are! Your clothes are a reflection of your personality and should be celebrated. Embrace your unconventional fashion choices, interests, and passions. Love those chunky boots? Bring them! Have a unique piece of jewelry you want showcased? Wear it!! It was really important to Han to accentuate the ring she loved so much. We made sure to give it a place of honor in her pictures!

unique senior photo of a girl leaning on a table wearing an interesting ring.

Let your senior portraits showcase your true self through your wardrobe, allowing your individuality to shine through.

Find a Unique Senior Portrait Location

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and explore unconventional ideas for your unique senior portraits. Consider unique locations that align with your edgy style, such as urban landscapes, abandoned buildings, or graffiti-covered walls. Han wanted to try out photos in a parking garage. We went to a college garage on a Sunday and found open spaces, no cars, and a lot of interesting elements to include in her pictures.

edgy senior girl leaning on fence in a parking garage looking away from camera

Own it!

Finally, own your individuality! Remember that confidence comes from within. Own your individuality and embrace your edgy style with pride. Celebrate the unique qualities that make you who you are, and let that confidence radiate during your senior photoshoot. Be proud of your style, your interests, and your journey. The more you embrace and own your individuality, the more your unique senior portraits will authentically represent you.

To all the edgy and unique individuals out there, your senior portraits are an opportunity to celebrate your style, express your individuality, and showcase your true self. Remember, your senior portraits will be a testament to your authentic self and a celebration of your remarkable journey. Embrace the process, have fun, and create senior portraits that reflect your bold and distinctive style!


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