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Choosing the Best Locations for Your Senior Portraits: Jake’s Story

Senior sitting in a perfect location for senior photos in Bethesda Maryland

What makes a perfect location for your senior portraits?

When choosing your location for your senior portraits, you should think about places that bring back memories of your high school years. When I met Jake, I knew he wanted to do his pictures in a place perfect for him. We talked about all of the traditional locations. He didn’t want pictures at a park, near a lake, or on the beach. In fact, he didn’t want any generic locations at all! So Jake and I decided that his perfect place for his session was a place that was meaningful to him.

The perfect location is meaningful

For Jake, living in downtown Bethesda meant his high school days were spent walking the streets of this quaint area, stopping at the local skate shops and parks, and meeting friends in outdoor gathering areas. While the location was new to me, Jake knew it well. So, when I met him in Bethesda, MD, I let him lead me to all of the places that he loved. For Jake, choosing his perfect location for his senior portraits was as easy as choosing his home town!

The perfect location has a theme or style

When Jake chose downtown Bethesda as the location for his senior portraits, I knew we had to create a look with urban vibes. So we walked around town, looking for places that reflected the city Jake loved. We found brick facades, colorful murals, and open spaces. Whether you are going urban, country, or something in-between, finding a style or theme can add variety while staying authentic to your beloved location.

The perfect place for your senior portraits has surprises!

You might think that if you choose a location that is meaningful, you will know exactly where the best senior portraits will be. But if you choose the right photographer, you might also be surprised around every corner. For Jake, we found an amazing light wall that created unique photos. These became some of Jake’s favorite portrait locations for the shoot, at least according to his Instagram page!

No matter where you choose as your senior portrait location, don’t be afraid to play

At the end of our portrait shoot, Jake agreed to try out my new Lensbaby Velvet lens. These fun pictures added the final touches to what had been a fantastic photoshoot in the perfect location for Jake! I hope these ideas help you choose the perfect location for your senior portraits!


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